Renesas RX111 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit

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Medium One Cloud services and IoT workflows are now incorporated into the Renesas RX111 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit. This new evaluation kit combines the Renesas RX111 MCU, end-to-end IoT embedded software components from Micrium, Qualcomm’s QCA4002 low-energy, dual-band Wi-Fi System on Chip (SoC) with Medium One’s Cloud-based Data Intelligence Platform to provide a cost-effective, low-power embedded solution ideally suited for IoT applications.

RX111 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity Kit

The Renesas Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity kit for the RX111 (YWIRELESS-RX111) provides a useful platform for developing IoT applications on the RX111 32-bit microcontroller. The purpose of the board is to enable the user to easily evaluate the capabilities of the device and its peripherals by providing a simple platform to get an IoT demo up and running quickly. By leveraging the GT202 Wi-Fi Module using Qualcomm’s QCA4002 dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n capabilities, the RX111 Wi-Fi Cloud Connectivity kit is ideal for node and sensor-based IoT solutions requiring Wi-Fi. A pre-programmed Smart Garage Door IoT demo is included with easy set-up and configuration using Micrium’s µC/Probe and Medium One’s Cloud with Data Intelligence.

Part Number: YWIRELESS-RX111

What's In the Kit?

  • RX111 32-bit MCU board with 4 PMOD connectors and JTAG for debug
  • Longsys GT202 PMOD Wi-Fi module using Qualcomm QCA4002 low energy Wi-Fi dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n SoC
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Pre-programmed with Micriµm’s “Smart Garage Door IoT demo”
  • Pre-configured for Medium One’s IoT Cloud with Data Intelligence platform
  • Schematic

Smart Garage Door IoT Demo

The Smart Garage Door IoT demo is a pre-configured platform designed to show developers how to quickly and easily integrate their embedded devices with cloud-based enterprise solutions allowing them to benefit from the power of the cloud, while meeting real-time needs.

Medium One IoT Cloud with Data Intelligence

Medium One allows developers to rapidly build IOT applications using our IOT cloud services and real-time workflows. All the functions needed for development are included – from connecting to the cloud and processing any device data, to IOT centric libraries with machine learning and analytics functions for predicting trends and detecting anomalies. Medium One aggregates all event data from any source, whether its sensors, mobile apps or your existing cloud and performs real-time processing to extract intelligence or implement automation. All data is handled in a secure environment with robust multi-layered security features. With Medium One, developers can focus on their application logic while we quickly extract intelligent insights to power their applications.

Medium One uniquely provides:

  • Enterprise-grade cloud
  • Real-time event visualization
  • Real-time data processing
  • Machine learning
  • Pre-built templates for workflows
  • Ultra-fast time to market for applications
  • Automated onboarding for development kits
  • No infrastructure to manage
  • SaaS business model with free tier
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Micriµm µC Probe

µC/Probe graphically visualizes the internals of any embedded system effortlessly, with just a few mouse clicks.

Micriµm µC/Probe is a Windows application that allows you to read and write the memory of any embedded target processor during run-time, and map those values to a set of virtual controls and indicators placed on a graphical dashboard. Absolutely no programming is required – simply drag and drop the graphic components into place, and watch them go.

µC/Probe works with a wide variety of embedded processors, and supports communication via JLink, CMSIS-DAP, Cypress PSoC Prog, TCP/IP, USB, RS-232, or proxies such as the IAR Systems Embedded Workbench Plugin for µC/Probe or the Eclipse Plugin for µC/Probe.

You can also use μC/Probe to extend the capabilities of your debugging software by running both at the same time. μC/Probe allows you to have instant control over your global variables in a real-time and non-intrusive way.

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