Intelligence on every event from every sensor in real-time.
Medium One provides a cloud-based platform that enables developers to send event data via our API, which in turn, triggers workflows in real-time. Workflows are based on python scripts that simply call built-in Medium One libraries and services. It’s that easy! Just create your own python-based workflows and instantly start processing your data. We provide the Intelligence on every event in real-time!

Flexible Real-Time Workflows

Flexible Real-Time Workflows

Create workflows on-the-fly using our slick pre-built templates. Easily customize using python scripting. Focus on your application logic and let us take care of the rest!
Save Big Data

Cloud Data Storage

Don’t have a backend? We store all your event data for you to retrieve and consume in your workflows and applications
Built-in Identity Management

Built-in Identity Management

Our API driven identity management means you can have apps or devices send their own data. This enables security and personalized workflows.
Real-Time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

Utilize the power of big data within your workflows. Real-time personal and global analytics are built directly into our platform. User data and global data are at your fingertips!
Dashboard and Visualization

Dashboards and Visualization

Whether you’re a developer or a business user, you can build dashing dashboards to meet your needs.
Stream Processing Easy

Stream Processing Made Easy

Our workflows are processed on each event to enable the fastest and easiest stream processing solution. Use workflows to normalize, transform and filter your real-time data streams.
Enterprise Scalability Security

Enterprise Grade Cloud

Scalability and security first. We’ve designed our platform to scale with your needs. No infrastructure or upfront development required. Get started today!
Maching Learning

Machine Learning

Use our forward-looking machine learning to help you make sense of your data. Available to enterprise customers, please contact us to learn how you can utilize machine learning to power your workflows.

Create workflows to process data to your liking. Focus on your application logic and we’ll take care of the rest.

Data Ingestion

We accept data through our secure REST or MQTT API. We ingest time series event data in JSON format.

Identity Management

We have API level identity management to enable developers to easily integrate Medium One’s service to your App or Device. Our analytics and workflow engine is also API user aware which means you can perform personalized processing specific to each API user.

Real-Time Workflows

Create programmatic workflows in Python. We offer a rich set of popular Python libraries as well our special Medium One libraries. Workflows are trigged based on JSON keys or scheduled time periods. We’ve made stream processing easy. We combine the best of both worlds, ease of use and flexibility of custom workflows.

Analytics Datastore

We have an integrated analytics based data store. It's no-SQL, Schema-less saves JSON documents into developer defined collections. There’s also no ETL, the data is available for Workflow consumption immediately.

Libraries and Services

We have created built-in libraries that you can consume in our workflows. These libraries enable developers to focus on their logic without the need to re-invent lower level software routines. We also include ready to use templates to help you get started. Try our report templates to build and email your own personalized reports. More exciting things to come!


Whether you are a developer or a business you can assemble your own dashboard to visualize your event data or workflow derived data to meet your needs. We also have real-time widgets to see data flowing in live.

3rd Party Integration

We have integrated with popular services such as OpenWeather, Mandrill, Twilio, Google and more!

Top 9 Reasons to use Medium One

Workflows are programmatic
We support popular 3rd party APIs
We're working hard to make your life easier
We can build workflows for you
Flexible plans to match your scale
Ultra fast time to market for your applications
We have machine learning
No infrastructure to manage
It’s FREE to TRY