Medium One IoT Cloud

The IoT Cloud has two parts: the Data Intelligence Platform and User Portal.  We combine the suite into one simple subscription plan.


The Data Intelligence Platform is a full-featured backend cloud that handles all device communication, real-time decisions, and scalable storage.   It encompasses the latest in scalability and security to handle large-scale IoT deployments and any application decisions including AI.  This is where you define the brains for your IoT Application.


  • Device Management

  • Flexible Device Data Mapping

  • Real-time Analytics

  • Real-time Workflows

  • Dashboarding

  • Data Storage

  • Prebuilt Workflows for a Complete IoT Application Out-of-the-box

  • Developer friendly: Python workflows, REST API, and MQTT



The User Portal is a full-featured frontend that is the face of your IoT Application.  It is the web experience for your customers featuring visualization and alerting.  It includes full-featured dashboards and capabilities designed for you to deploy it as-is or use it as a great starting point to customize.



  • Customer Account Management

  • End Customer Facing Dashboards

  • Alerts and Reporting Engine

  • Customer Subscription Payment Collection(secured by

  • Mobile Web Friendly

  • GDPR Data Privacy Compliant

  • Prebuilt Dashboards for a Complete IoT Application Out-of-the-box

  • Developer Friendly: Customize with Angular and REST API


We offer these add-on services to help get the job done and provide you a fast and cost-effective path to going live.

Hardware and Firmware

  • We provide firmware for the ESP32 Wi-Fi and Xbee3 cellular modules.  Simply wire these modules to your existing designs over UART and connect your device to the cloud the same day. 

  • Have a MODBUS device?  We provide firmware for Digi's WR31 Router to connect your device just as easily.

  • Our Flexible Device Data Mapping means you can send a variety of device data and easily map it to your IoT Cloud.

Native iOS and Android App

  • We have prebuilt native iOS and Android apps to complete your IoT offering.

  • We customize the app to your needs for a fraction of the cost to build an app from scratch.

  • We will set up the app on your own Apple App Store and Google Play accounts.

Private Cloud Hosting

  • Medium One can be deployed on your private cloud servers.  Our dockerized containers mean we can easily deploy in almost any infrastructure.   

  • Contact us to learn more about this option.