Device Provisioning

This article explains how you can automatically provision many devices using Medium One.

Before we begin, you can learn how to manually create device users here.  This is a manual method that is useful for a low quantity of users or for development purposes.

There are multiple techniques to provision devices programmatically.  The two aspects to device provisioning are the device credentials generation and the cloud activation process.


Device Credentials Generation

This section describes how devices obtain their credentials.

User provided:  If this is a consumer facing product, the user can specify a username and password for the device. This technique allows the user control the password.


Cloud provided:  If this is a non-consumer facing product, the device can self-activate via a cloud service.  Using this method, the device can self-generate a password or have the cloud return a generated password or token.


Cloud Activation Service

This section describes how to create the device account via the cloud.

REST API:  The device can directly create users using a special registration account pre-programmed on the device.  Documentation is provided here.  Using this technique, the application will need to provide the username and password for the device.


Custom Cloud Activation Service:  Every device has unique requirements and therefore another option is to create a custom cloud service for device activation.  This cloud service can be used to generate device credentials and return the password and token to the device.  This service can be used to interface with Medium One’s API to create devices programmatically.  Contact for examples of this method.  This technique allows the device activation process to interface with other databases for user authorization or a custom web page such as user acknowledgement.


Now you know how to automatically provision multiple devices using Medium One. If you have any questions or issues, we’re here to help! Contact us at

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