We offer high value and ROI by providing a complete solution at competitive costs without long-term contracts.  Launch your IoT Solution with our simple Starter plan.

IoT Cloud Starter: $400 per month


  • Unlimited connected devices and users

  • 400k daily events and workflow credits*​

  • 50GB of storage

  • ​Month-to-month commitment​

  • Separate development, test, and production accounts

How much is 400,000 daily events? If each device sends 10 messages a day, you can get 40,000 devices without needing to pay extra.


  • $10 per month for additional 10,000 daily events and workflow credits

  • $50 per month for each additional 50GB​ of storage

Proof Of Concept Special

Get 10 free hours of professional services towards firmware, branding, or a mobile app with a 3 month commitment.  10 hours is usually enough to get a connected prototype.  For new customers only.