Device Jumpstart Program

Rapidly build your IoT prototype or production product with our Ready-to-Go Kits!

Welcome to the Medium One Device Jumpstart Program.  Medium One has packaged its expertise into a collection of IoT Kits exclusively for your use!  Now you can rapidly build your own IoT application or MVP (Minimum Viable Product) using our Ready-to-Go kits.  Our Kits include near-Production ready kits, Prototyping kits, and Renesas IoT Kits powered by the Medium One IoT Prototyping Sandbox.  So jump in and begin creating your next IoT product.

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Near Production Kits

These Jumpstart Kits are near-production ready. Hardware and firmware is designed for production readiness with cost, form factor, and application in mind. This is ideal for application developers not looking to design their own boards from scratch. Each Jumpstart Kit bundles the Medium One Prototyping Sandbox with select IoT-ready devices, allowing users to connect to the cloud with a minimum learning curve and be up and running in minutes or the same day





These kits are designed to help early stage developers prototype their next IoT project.  Each Kit includes the Medium One IoT Prototyping Sandbox with Data Intelligence platform enabling customers to build Smart Applications in a fraction of the effort. Our highly customizable and programmatic workflows, combined with our IoT-centric library of pre-packaged modules for processing real-time device data will get your prototype ready in no time!